A new look at skin moisturization 05.2018

Over the past decennia the world has gone through tremendous changes.  Many of these changes have an important impact on our skin. Improved economic situations and urbanization have led to a significant increase in the number of people working indoors, mostly in an extremely dry (air-conditioned or heated) environment. A changing world also leads to changing behavior with more frequent personal hygiene practices and higher usage of sun protective products. In short, people are increasingly exposed to influences which promote skin dryness and decreasingly exposed to sunlight. But what does that mean for our skin?

Decreased exposure to sunlight leads to vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D plays a pivotal role in successful epidermal differentiation and, therefore, the skin‘s moisture level. There is not much we can do about vitamin D deficiency. But the goal is to make the most of the vitamin D we get to provide skin with an optimum of moisturization. To achieve this goal it is important to activate the vitamin D receptor. A quality moisturizer formulation should not only reduce skin dryness, but also prevent its return. To focus on the core problem of skin dryness, CLR developed MultiMoist CLR™ - a new approach for the next generation of smart moisturizers.

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Mapping the moisturization puzzle with MultiMoist CLR™

A lack of vitamin D in the skin is a relevant problem in the modern world. Skin dryness is another common problem, and both can be seen in the same light. MultiMoist CLR™ has an important influence on cellular processes in the skin which are relevant for the quality of the epidermis and, hence, the moisture level of the SC. It promotes epidermal differentiation, an essential feature in obtaining well moisturized skin, increases production and activation of the vitamin D receptor and potentiates the effects of vitamin D.

But how can the immediate and long term moisturizing effects of MultiMoist CLR™ are proven in a smart and relevant way? Proving moisturizing efficacy is a puzzle. Only when a well-thought out combination of methods is utilized, clear and objective conclusions can be drawn. MultiMoist CLR™ has been tested with five different complimentary and relevant technologies, supplemented with subjective evaluation in a consumer study. It was shown that MultiMoist CLR™ moisturizes immediately and exceptionally strongly, and that it has proven long-term moisturizing effects, providing a complete solution for relevant moisturizing skincare products.

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Moisture Me Micelle Cleanser Foam

This transparent skin cleansing micelle foam makes use of Micellar Molecule Technology to gently and effectively remove dirt on the skin surface without disturbing skins natural moisture balance. Infused with MultiMoist CLR™ the mild formula deeply hydrates skin and leaves it purified, smooth and revitalized in one step. The light foam pampers skin with a fresh scent and refreshed skin feel.

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