The milky way of skin care. 06.2018

The health of skin depends on a delicate balance between biological processes. To ensure that all these processes work in harmony, skin needs support and highly effective beneficial nutrition. Milk contains many nutrients that keep us healthy. Especially milk produced directly after birth, colostrum, has exceptional biological activity, which is important for the stimulation of development processes in newborns. The external cosmetic use of milk preparations has had a strong tradition since ancient times. Cleopatra, for example, bathed in milk to enhance her skin’s youthfulness.

By fractioning the different proteins and peptides from milk, active ingredients are obtained with a multitude of extremely beneficial effects on skin, whether they are anti-wrinkle and firming effects or ingredients which are especially suitable for the care of strongly inflamed and troubled skin.

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MPC™ - Milk Peptide Complex

Nutritional cosmetics are a large and strongly growing segment of the personal care market. Consumers understand the need of “feeding” the skin with beneficial ingredients from cosmetic skincare formulations. MPC™- Milk Peptide Complex mimics the composition and effects of colostrum. With that, MPC™ provides the skin with the ultimate natural growth factors from milk. These polypeptides are responsible for the activation of many biological processes in the skin, including the production of molecules like collagen and hyaluronic acid. Skin is perfectly nurtured and nourished, it becomes more resilient, healthier and visibly smoother.

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Leave-on Milk & Honey Mask

Watch the video from The Institute of Personal Care Science and learn about the benefits of this mask and how to formulate it.

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Feed Me Firming & Relaxing Gel Mask

This light formulation, which is easily spread over the skin, was specifically developed for consumers who have a proactive approach towards skin aging. Skin becomes deeply nurtured, supple and smooth, all day long.

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