A holistic approach to Sun Care 07.18

The sun plays a major role for life on earth. Without sunlight no life is possible. But the sun can also cause great damage if people do not protect themselves properly. The increasingly demanding consumer looks for products that are easy to use, as natural as possible, improve their personal well-being and, most of all, show more benefits than just high protection. UV light affects many biological processes in the skin and leads to accelerated skin aging. Efficient treatment of skin in order to support it in optimally handling sunlight should therefore be multifaceted. The use of UV filters is a prerequisite, but skin should be also supported on the biological level.

I Hydration – the essential

Solar radiation makes skin dry and rough. It needs immediate and long-lasting moisturization. As a consequence of the destruction of the barrier function, dry skin feels rough and uncomfortable.

On the other hand, sunlight enables the skin cells to produce Vitamin D, which plays a pivotal role in successful skin development and its moisture level. But today’s urban consumers are not exposed to sunlight enough (working inside, increased use of high SPF).  Consequentially, Vitamin D deficiency is a common problem. MultiMoist CLR™ increases production and activation of the Vitamin D Receptor, effectively helping skin to make the most of the little Vitamin D it can produce.

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Formulation: Moisture Me Intensive Hand & Body Cream

This Intensive Hand & Body Cream was developed to leave skin moisturized and nurtured for a long lasting feeling of well-being. MultiMoist CLR™ provides hands & body with immediately and long-lasting moisturizing effects for all day hydration and extra care. The luxuriously rich texture is easily absorbed and provides skin with a great and non-sticky skin feel as well as a light flowery scent to comfort all your senses – wherever you are.

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II Skin protection the smart way

80% of all visible signs of skin aging are caused by UV light from the sun. UV-induced damage in the skin cells is accumulated over time. The ultimate strategy towards effectively fighting skin aging is to make skin cells more robust in fighting this damage. Phytosan™ K stimulates natural skin-protective functions and is a biological UV protector. While UV filters work on the surface, Phytosan™ K actively supports the skin functions from the inside.

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Formulation: Protect Me Phytobiotic Solar Self-Defense

Phytosan™ K energizes and protects the skin cells from UV-induced energy loss. It strengthens the skin’s defense against harmful factors while revitalizing the skin from its core. ProRenew Complex CLR™ makes sure that the natural health of our skin and skin cells is even safeguarded further. Healthy skin looks good, feels good and is less sensitive to external stresses.

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III Hair protection

Sunlight affects hair as well and plays a key role in hair weathering and aging. It damages hair, hair becomes dry and brittle, loses its shine and becomes difficult to manage. Solar radiation also has a large negative impact on dyed hair, which bleaches and loses its color. DayMoist CLR™ ticks all the boxes to effectively protect hair in summer and to make it look healthy and beautiful.

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Formulation: Natural Sun Protect Conditioner Spray

This easy to use Conditioner Spray effectively protects hair against hair weathering. DayMoist CLR™ moisturizes hair and provides strong conditioning effects. It has been shown to protect dyed hair against color fading and to protect hair against heat stress. Simply spray the conditioner in dry as well as wet hair and leave in – for manageable and beautiful hair.

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