In harmony with yourself! The smart way of aging 05.2017

Aging is a fact of life. The perception of age and beauty is changing dramatically, though. Most of today’s consumers are pretty well aware of all the factors that accelerate the processes of skin aging. That is why people start to use anti-aging skincare and to protect their skin from negative influences at increasingly younger age. To keep the skin healthy and in balance at every age is everybody’s goal. Feeling beautiful is all about being confident, in balance and feeling well in your skin. The confidence to actively do the right things to support skin in looking its best is a key factor for being in harmony with your age.

This new mentality challenges the anti-aging skin care market. Classical anti-aging claims and positioning don’t resonate with modern aging consumers much anymore. They are more interested in multifunctional products to keep skin moisturized and healthy, targeting their individual skin issues. Consumers are more and more knowledgeable and increasingly skeptical about ‘fluffy’ marketing and claims, which promise miracles.  

To create successful skincare products you need actives with proven efficacy, clearly communicated benefits and with a focus on improving overall skin quality and appearance for perfected skin at any age.  CLR provides a range of smart ingredients for a smarter way of aging.

MPC™ - Milk Peptide Complex

MPC™– Milk Peptide Complex contains a complex of activated natural signaling molecules derived from milk.  With its unique biological activity it is the perfect active ingredient for concepts with the aim to re-activate a youthful look, to boost skin and to provide skin with a comfortable feeling. MPC™ reduces the visible signs of aging by reactivating skin cells and inducing the production of extracellular matrix molecules in the dermis, such as collagen Type I, hyaluronic acid and fibronectin. In vivo studies have shown that formulations with MPC™ make the skin firmer and improve its elasticity. MPC™ quickly and effectively reduces wrinkle depth and improves the structure of the skin. 

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ProRenew Complex CLR™

Based on probiotic technology, ProRenew Complex CLR™ acts on essential features in the aging process of the skin, its ability to both successfully adapt to its constantly changing environment and effectively renew itself. ProRenew Complex CLR™ is the ideal choice for skincare concepts providing skin health and skin protection. It maintains and improves skin’s functionality and helps skin effectively to help itself. The production of essential proteins and enzymes in skin quality is clearly increased, barrier function and cell cohesion are improved, and skin renewal is accelerated, promoting skin health. Additionally, ProRenew Complex CLR™ has shown to effectively promote desquamation, the shedding of dead cells.

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Skin Comfort Perfection Gel

A light gel with MPC™ and ProRenew Complex CLR™ for improved skin quality, a youthful, perfected appearance and high skin comfort.

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Probiotic Smart Aging Cream

This rich probiotic face cream with ProRenew Complex CLR™ effectively assists skin in keeping its functionality and maintaining its healthy and youthful appearance for a smart way of aging.

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