Efficacious Naturals 01.19

Modern consumers are looking for a holistic lifestyle approach and they have high expectations. They want their products to be natural and sustainable but without making any compromises in terms of quality and efficacy. They want brands to be authentic, reliable and socially responsible. As the consumer focuses on holistic wellbeing concepts it is mostly about how brands and products make the consumer feel. When it comes to beauty it is clearly noticeable that feeling comfortable nowadays becomes more important to most consumers than looking perfect. Nevertheless the consumer is more skeptical about marketing and product claims than ever and demanding when it comes to product performance. Whether it is food or cosmetics – the consumer is highly interested in the ingredients. Origin and benefits of ingredients should be easy to understand and claims always backed by scientific studies. They must be credible enough to make the consumer buy and satisfy consumer needs to gain second and consecutive sales.

Natural cosmetics meet many of these consumer needs. Buying natural cosmetics provides the consumer with the feeling of doing something good for her as well as for the environment. Brands in this segment enjoy a lot of consumer’s confidence. But often consumers still struggle with the product performance of natural cosmetics. Efficacious naturals will therefore be a hot topic to meet consumer needs. CLR focuses on highly effective natural active ingredients. Our products work, they are safe, and many of them meet Cosmos, Natrue and Ecocert standards. CLR is certified according to SA8000, which is an important certification in the context of social responsibility. Trustworthiness and honesty are topics which are high on CLR's agenda, making us the perfect partner for effective natural concepts.

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Calming & Repair Face Mask

When you need to reduce redness and uncomfortable skin sensations as soon as possible, a soothing face mask enriched with nourishing, calming ingredients is your instant problem-solver.  

In this natural pampering face mask highly effective ingredients work synergistically together to comfort and re-balance stressed and irritated skin. SyriCalm™ CLR (PC), which is extremely soothing to skin, not only efficiently fights inflammation but also improves skin quality in general. DayMoist CLR™ provides skin with an optimum of hydration, leaving skin moisturized and supple for the day.  Vitamin F forte repairs and maintains the skin’s natural barrier function, making skin smoother and healthier. The smart combination of these two highly effective moisturizing active ingredients provides skin with essential elements needed to look and feel better.

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Pure Moisture Shampoo

This mild shampoo is an eco-friendly shampoo for normal hair with thoroughly selected surfactants of plant origin. It helps the hair to retain valuable moisture, leaving it looking healthy and wonderful shiny with a healthy glow.

MultiMoist CLR™ deeply hydrates hair and improves overall hair condition and color retention. Hair breakage is reduced as well as static flyaway and hair fizziness, leaving hair perfectly conditioned all day long.

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