The probiotic skincare revolution

Nutritional cosmetics are a large and strongly growing segment of the personal care market. Over the years, more scientific evidence has emerged that probiotic bacteria have a positive effect on the skin, both from oral and topical applications. In times of urbanization, with increased stress levels and increased negative environmental influences, such as pollution, people are more and more concerned about keeping their skin healthy. They understand the need and the advantages of “feeding” the skin with beneficial probiotic ingredients from cosmetic skincare formulations.

CLR started research on probiotic lysates and their positive effects on skin about 40 years ago, and continues to do so until today. Probiotic active ingredients from CLR combine effectiveness, science and biomimetics with biotechnology, sustainability and naturalness. They are the perfect choice for a wide variety of skincare concepts with a focus on skin health and wellness.

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Sophisticated Beauty by CLR

Inspired by J-Beauty

There are a lot of articles trying to make J-Beauty the next big trend in skincare. We at CLR took a deeper look at what is the essence of J-Beauty and transferred it into our Sophisticated Beauty concept. While K-Beauty products have set the benchmark for innovative trend products, J-Beauty has a more traditional approach with a focus on quality, effectivity and self-care. J-beauty products have to be simple and time-saving, timeless, honest in their claims and sophisticated. Many trends we have seen in the cosmetics market in the last years do resonate with this approach, especially Back to Basics, Dermocosmetics and holistic Well-being concepts. As Japan is facing a rapidly aging society, they are way ahead in terms of maturity, perfectly matching the more and more positive approach to aging in western markets.

For whom is it?

Sophisticated Beauty focuses on urban women 35+ who are well informed and know what they want. Faced with a busy lifestyle, the first visible signs of aging and a more demanding skin they are looking for high-quality products focusing on the essential, products they can trust and that simply work. Their most important skincare needs are support and protection.

CLR – the perfect match

R&D is the basis of our efficiency. We use the most modern methods and technology available to develop products that are natural, potent, relevant for the consumer and safe to use.

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Well-being for your skin - more than just a marketing story

Busy urban lifestyles and growing concerns lead to stressed consumers searching for ways to re-balance their lives. When it comes to cosmetics, well-being and feeling beautiful is a profoundly emotional topic, and wellness cosmetics are often not more than marketing, selling a short break from stress of everyday life.

But what is beauty and well-being really all about? Healthy skin is the basis of both. Keeping skin healthy and provide it with a sustainable feeling of well-being is a complex topic which requires more than just a marketing story – namely scientific know-how and expertise. To make products smart, relevant and sustainable, highly effective and goal-oriented ingredients substantiated by science and studies are needed.

CLR develops actives that make skin healthy, resilient and simply beautiful, addressing the four cornerstones of skin health – Moisture Me, Feed Me, Balance Me and Protect Me.

Make it simple. Be smart. Press Pause with actives from CLR – for relevant cosmetics.

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