Probiotics & Well Being

The oral use of probiotics has seen tremendous growth over the last 10 years and the consumer is increasingly eager to try them out on the skin. This is reflected in the strongly growing number of cosmetics producers not just including active ingredients based on probiotics in their formulations, but also using the probiotic concept in the marketing of their products. There are many good reasons to use actives based on probiotics. They are produced sustainably, are highly active and can be used in any type of skincare concept.

The formulations below will give you plenty of ideas on how to approach this concept, which ingredients to use and what kind of activity to expect from them.

Probiotics Well Being

Graceful Aging

The anti-aging skincare market is going through a revolution. In the past consumers wanted to look younger. Nowadays, especially in the more economically developed countries, consumers want a look which reflects their age. Gone are the days of unrealistic expectations, the consumer wants to grow old gracefully and look as good and healthy as possible.

Below, you will find formulations which fit this ever-expanding trend, which of our ingredients fit best and inspiration on how to approach the modern aging consumer.

Gracefull aging

Men's World

Men are becoming increasingly important to the cosmetics industry. The male grooming segment is one of the fastest growing markets in this  industry. The market is no longer anti-perspirants and shower gels. Skincare dedicated to men is growing rapidly and rightfully so. Male skin is different from female skin, it is more oily, ages differently, etc. Dedicated male skincare will continue to grow, and it is time to include cosmetic products in a men's world.

The formulations presented below have been especially designed for men, include active ingredients which cater to men's needs and comply to men's expectations as for skin feel and other galenic properties.

Mens world

Urban Defense

Only 12% of cities worldwide meet the WHO's guidelines on air pollution. Air pollution is the world’s largest single environmental health risk. Not much is known about the mechanisms through which air pollution damages skin, but there is plenty of evidence that skin is affected. Quality of skin worsens, skin is more irritated and ages more quickly. There is plenty for the cosmetic industry to do here. Cosmetic products work, they can protect and compensate for the negative impact air pollution.

We have compiled a few formulations we have specially developed with air pollution in mind. The formulations contain our active ingredients which protect and regenerate skin where necessary.

Anti Pollution

Hybrid Beauty

Color cosmetics with an added skincare claim and skincare products containing pigments (e.g. alphabet creams) are just two examples of product types which illustrate the blurring lines between the different segments in the cosmetic industry.  In times of busy lifestyles this trend will continue to flourish. The consumer wants their cosmetic products to give them multiple benefits, they want them to be 'hybrid' and show them the best of multiple worlds. Hybrid beauty is a trend to stay. 

Below, you will find inspiring examples of hybrid beauty products. They contain CLR's high-end active ingredients giving them all the benefits the consumer needs.

Hybrid Beauty