For women in cancer treatment. And in charge of their lives.

In 1995, the charitable organization DKMS LIFE was founded. Since then, more than 130,000 women and girls suffering from cancer were able to take part in the cost-free program look good feel better. DKMS LIFE wants to encourage female cancer patients in therapy to take on a life-affirming approach toward the consequences of the illness. Girls and women affected by cancer often suffer with the external side of chemo or radiation therapy such as hair loss, loss of eyelashes and eyebrows or skin changes.

In the cost-free look good feel better make-up workshops by DKMS LIFE, female cancer patients receive help for self-help for dealing with the external changes during cancer therapy in order to find their way back into life.

For female cancer patients, cosmetics are often much more than just make-up – they can contribute to a positive attitude toward life and by doing to, support the healing process.

DKMS LIFE established an official alliance with the international program look good feel better, which offers free make-up workshops for cancer patients in 26 countries worldwide.

CLR supports DKMS LIFE’s cause.

CLR supports DKMS Life