Balance your life! 04.2017

Consumers are increasingly aware of the negative impacts of stress on body and mind. There is a desire for relaxation, conscious me-time and overall well-being. In times of people being connected to a complicated digital world all day, consumers often feel overwhelmed, look for time-outs and a focus on the essential. Lifestyle concepts like “Hygge” from Denmark, Urban Gardening or DIY trends are quickly gaining in popularity, reflecting a strong desire for balancing life.

When it comes to skin, it is important to support its functionality, keep it healthy and feeling comfortable.  Products for well-being concepts must be highly effective, calming and protecting but also timesaving and easy to use. They should focus on the essential with their ingredients, communicate their benefits clearly and help consumers making things easy and comfortable again.

CLR offers several high effective active ingredients that focus on supporting skin, with proven, holistic and straight to the point efficacy.

Lactokine™ Fluid PF

Lactokine™ Fluid PF has the unique ability to balance and, where needed, re-balance vital biological processes in the skin, essentially optimizing the skin cells' functions. It is very effective in soothing and calming skin. Its versatile effects on the inflammatory processes in stressed and blotchy skin make Lactokine™ Fluid PF very suitable for care of sensitive skin. It is also particularly applicable for the treatment of skin which has been exposed to chemical, microbial and/or mechanical stresses.

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Modukine™ is a milk-derived active ingredient specifically designed for the effective regenerative care of sensitive, dry and troubled skin and types of skin which are chronically inflamed. Modukine™ acts as a potent biological cell response modifier. It calms and soothes skin in an extremely effective way and helps it to regain its barrier function and hydration level.

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PhytoDefense CLR™

PhytoDefense CLR™ is carefully designed for hyper-reactive and irritable skin. It essentially reduces the sensitivity of skin by its goal-oriented approach to the most important features of sensitive skin: burning/ stinging/ itching sensations and skin redness. Skin irritations as well as skin redness are noticeably reduced.

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ProBioBalance CLR™ NP

ProBioBalance CLR™ NP combines the benefits from nutritive milk ingredients and protective bifidus cell compounds to obtain a healthy, probiotic nutritional basis for skin. It supplies the skin with nutritive elements and allows for the activation of detoxification processes with a skin-balancing effect. The metabolic activity of skin cells is increased, the skin’s immune system strengthened and the skin is better able to deal with environmental stress.

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Relaxing Face Mask

A pampering Face Mask to deeply relax skin - with PhytoDefense CLR™, DayMoist CLR™ and Lactokine™ Fluid PF for less sensitive, moisturized and perfectly balanced skin.

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Skin Balance Infusion

Skin Balance Infusion for stressed skin with PhytoDefense CLR™ to reduce skin discomfort and irritation and Modukine™ to restore an impaired lipid barrier.

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