Baby skin – lucrative, but challenging. 11.2017

The skincare market for babies is growing. The reason for this is clear: the baby care market is lucrative. Parents have always been careful with what they put on their baby’s skin, but with the consumer’s increasing level of knowledge this trend is expanding. Parents want the best for their baby. They are willing to spend money to provide their baby with the best there is, including skincare.

As with everything in life, understanding the problem allows for providing the solution and for baby skincare there is no difference. Not that baby’s skin is a ‘problem’, but it is definitely more delicate than adult skin. The expectations are high, too. Parents want quick and visible results, especially when there is a problem. The delicacy of a baby’s skin implies that the skin shows irritation more often than adult skin. This may look like a dry patch, but it might also be redness, itchiness and even eczema-like problems. Because the protective functions of baby’s skin are not fully formed, it needs extra protection. And parents are extremely careful about the ingredients they put on their baby’s skin.

This means it is important to be smart about developing skincare products for babies. They should be mild, as natural as possible and be effective.  CLR has a strong range of products, which helps the cosmetic scientist to develop successful and relevant baby care products.

Perfect Protection with ProBarrier CLR™

ProBarrier™ CLR provides an innovative technology for light but protective textures. That makes it perfect for a wide range of cosmetic products from classical barrier and cold creams, wind & weather creams for babies to diaper rash treatments, lip balms, hand and foot care, BB creams and other multifunctional color cosmetic products.

ProBarrier™ CLR is a highly technological skincare ingredient. A suspension of waxy particles based on caprylic/ capric triglycerides and Copernica cerifera (carnauba) wax. The waxy particles build a homogenous and persistent but non-occlusive film on the skin, providing an excellent light skin feel. The film-forming properties have strong protective effects on the skin against harsh environmental conditions. Skin temperature protection is also significantly improved.

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Wind & Weather Face Care

In wind, rain and snow and when temperatures are getting low, the delicate skin of babies needs extra intensive care. This carefully developed cream provides perfect protection against external influences. ProBarrier™ CLR creates a persistent layer of protection to shield delicate baby skin effectively against harsh environmental conditions. At the same time it is non-occlusive and provides an excellent skin feel.  Baby’s skin stays smooth and hydrated in any wind and weather.

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