Ampoule Treatment

Formula No: 
This light and pleasant formulation supplies skin with a comprehensive answer to the many types of damage done by sunlight. PhytoDefense CLR™ and SyriCalm™ CLR (PC) both soothe and calm the skin whilst enabling it to recover quickly and rebuild its dense and well-organized structure. This action is further supported by Vitamin F forte, which supplies the skin with essential ingredients for it to re-create its barrier function. ProRenew Complex CLR™ NP and ProBioBalance CLR™ NP, which are both based on probiotic technology, help the skin cells strengthen their immunological capacity. They enable the skin cells to repair their damage from within.

Featured products

A probiotic anti-aging active ingredient, which improves and accelerates skin renewal processes and supports active skin resurfacing.
Probiotic dairy nutritional ingredient for the skin, which activates cellular detoxification processes, actively soothing and energizing the skin.
Essential fatty acids for skin and hair. It strenthens skin barrier and makes skin smoother, conditions hair and protects it against breakage.
All natural synergistic complex, which soothes and protects the skin, while enabling the skin cells to uphold good quality epidermis.
Especially designed for the care of sensitive skin, reducing skin irritation and redness essentially decreasing skin sensitivity.