5 in 1 Overnight Hair Mask

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The rich texture of this hair mask comforts stressed winter hair overnight and provides it with a highly effective 5 in 1 solution: hair is perfectly moisturized, conditioned and protected against hair breakage, static flyaway and color fading. Two highly potent active ingredients work synergistically together for beautiful and healthy hair. MultiMoist CLR™ and Vitamin F forte have strong hair moisturizing and conditioning abilities. Combability is increased, hair breakage, static flyaway and hair frizziness are significantly reduced. MultiMoist CLR™ also protects hair against color fading caused by repeated washing.

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MultiMoist CLR™ consists of a powerful synergistic blend of fructooligosaccharides and beta vulgaris (beet) root extract, and provides a complete solution for the next generation of smart moisturizing skincare formulations. Its highly effective and long-lasting moisturizing activity was convincingly proven with multiple complementary in vivo technologies.
Essential fatty acids for skin and hair. It strenthens skin barrier and makes skin smoother, conditions hair and protects it against breakage.