World Science Day

World Science Day

Science stands at the basis of CLR and our products. For World Science Day we want to take the opportunity to reflect on three aspects of science that are especially important to us.

Research is at the center of everything we do.

Extensive research is behind every new product we develop. The product, its relevance for both our customers and the consumer are central in all we do. Even if it sometimes takes years to find an efficient solution to a consumer need, it is worth every minute of it. We invest in large-scale in vitro and in vivo studies – for proven efficacy and safety for the consumer, for products with credibility. View our certificates here.

Science means responsibility

At CLR, we are aware of our responsibility and ensure that our active ingredients make their contribution to formulating products that are not only good for the consumer, but also for our planet. We have a holistic and well-founded approach to responsible research. We care for the body with goal-oriented and effective active ingredients with the aim to be relevant for the consumer, always backed by scientific studies. We care for the mind by targeting unmet, but essential skincare needs and their impact on quality of life to provide relief and a sustainable feeling of well-being. We care for nature as we use the most modern methods and technology available – for products which are potent, relevant, natural and safe. Learn more about our approach here.

The quest of scientific communication

How we communicate science is crucial. Consumers have access to an overload of information on the internet and sometimes it can be hard to tell which information is legit. Acknowledging this quest, we created our Science • Nature • Beauty blog, where we aim to communicate skin and beauty science in a way that is informative and profound but also enjoyable to read.

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