Men’s Health Month – Interview with Ralf Kuschnereit

Men’s Health Month – Interview with Ralf Kuschnereit

We wanted to know more about men’s shopping habits and about what they do know about their skin and asked our male colleagues.

Ralf Kuschnereit,
Director Global Sales




Do you know your skin type?

Yes, very well, I’m the typical skin type 1 with bright red hair, very bright skin and freckles. So I’m not really getting tanned and have to pay much attention to sun protection. Beside of this I have dry skin but I would not say sensitive.

When buying a cosmetic product, do you care about the ingredients?

Although I’m working in the cosmetic industry not so much, also as I think that due to legal restrictions todays products are safe and efficient in general. So therefore I’m also not a big fan of “free from” claims and like the new legislation on that. Instead I’m looking more at the application, like if  it is suitable for dry skin or has a high SPF for instance due to my skin type.

Do you buy your cosmetic products or does someone else buy them for you?

Normally, I buy them myself, also as I like to look around what is new in the market and to do some market research by myself. Therefore I might spend more time in front of the shelves as necessary.

Do you use special skin and hair care products for men? Which ones?

I’m quite traditional in this respect, so I’m using a classical man – shampoo from a German brand for years. I think they were one of the first ones with the man care claim. Beside of this I also use a shower gel and deodorants from another man care brand, I think I have a quite high brand loyalty in general. Besides, there are more and more interesting face care products for men available now, here I’m sometimes also trying new things. For sun care I’m using the same brand since ages as I have excellent experience with it and can really avoid to get sunburned, even with longer exposure times.

Ralf, you ride a road bike and like to dive to keep you healthy and fit. Which skincare routine will help you?

Due to my leisure activities I spend much time outside, which is challenging due to my skin type. So a reliable sun protection is essential for me, which I apply normally in the morning during vacation or before starting some activities. My skin also gets dried out due to wind and weather conditions, so after showering I need to use products that help my skin to recover, like after-sun lotions or products for dry skin.

Thank you, Ralf!

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