Formulating for the skin microbiota

The “skin microbiome” is one of the key drivers in the skincare market. “Microbiome skincare” provides the cosmetic industry with endless marketing opportunities. In order to get the best out of the skin microbiome, its complexity and its importance for human skin need to be fully appreciated. CLR has been working with good bacteria for over 40 years. They supply us with highly efficacious active skincare ingredients. We also have extensive knowledge on how these bacteria interact with us and how this interaction does not only lead to positive outcomes for our skin, but also how it positively influences the skin microbiota itself. This experience and knowledge are of the essence, explaining why CLR is market leader for lysates of probiotic bacteria and at the forefront of “microbiome skincare”.

Skin and its microbiota live in intimate contact with each other, where we influence each other constantly. In a healthy situation we live in symbiosis with each other. Both our skin and the microbes living on and in it are robust, can resist a challenge, and skin is smooth, moisturized and attractive. Our healthy microbiota plays an essential role in these features. This is a delicate balance, though. If the situation is less healthy this symbiosis turns into a vicious circle where we influence each other negatively. Acne and dandruff are extremely common examples of such an imbalance between our skin and its microbiota.

The challenges lie in either preserving the skin as a healthy ecosystem or, when necessary, regaining a homeostatic symbiosis between our skin and its closest allies. These are two distinctly different, but necessary approaches, requiring two distinctly different active ingredients. The efficacy of these ingredients needs to be fully tested, making use of the latest technologies in analyzing both the skin and its microbiota. Elaborate in vitro, in vivo and next-generation microbiological technologies were applied by us to come to results which are both scientifically valid and clearly noticeable by the consumer.

CutiBiome CLR provides essential support for regaining the natural balance between skin and its microbiota in difficult situations, like acne and dandruff.

ProRenew Complex CLR™ is extremely beneficial for both the health of skin and the skin microbiota. It balances and protects the skin microbiota and the skin itself and supports them in dealing with day-to-day stress.

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