CLR Derma IQ – the ‚Beauty with a brain‘ approach for healthy skin

A smart world.

Everybody is connected with smart phones and tablets. We live in smart houses where we are able to control light and heating while we are at work. Our cars are able to virtually drive by themselves. Internet gives us easy access to a world of knowledge. When we have a question or are unsure of things, we search the internet. Even if we do not feel well we search the internet first, before consulting a doctor. This goes for issues concerning skin as well. If we think we have a problem with skin, we ask ‘Dr. Google’ first. Most of the time we will find a suiting skincare product on the internet. Beauty brands are moving towards an even more digital future. We have smart mirrors helping to analyze our skin and point out the problems we might have with it, UV patches warning us when we have exposed ourselves to the sun too long and a plethora of smart phone apps helping us with skin related issues. With these tools, our lives are made easier and solutions are provided which are goal-oriented and ‘custom-made’.

Smart cosmetics.

The access to information via internet, blogs, youtube or apps leads to well-educated consumers. At the same time, their increasing knowledge about skin, hair, health and ingredients leads to high demands in terms of quality and performance. We see that the consumer shows increasing skepticism about marketing and product claims as well. To meet the consumers’ demands, origin and benefits of cosmetic ingredients should be understandable and efficacy claims should always be backed by rigorous and relevant scientific studies. They must work reliably and sustainably. Only when this is the case the cosmetic product they are contained in will gain second and consecutive sales. Efficacy is key for successful cosmetic brands.

Consumers are increasingly health-minded. They have a holistic approach to health. This includes overall physical and mental well-being, so skincare products need to take these factors into account as well. A global increase in skin problems related to both skin diseases and systemic diseases is recognizable, though. This leads to an increased demand for goal-oriented skincare products providing an effective solution for specific skin conditions. On the other Hand, consumers are aware of the negative effects psychological stress has on their health and try to re-balance their lives. Smart cosmetics take all aspects into account.

CLR – The perfect match.

To meet all modern consumer needs, smart cosmetic products, communicating clearly about their benefits for the consumer, will be successful. The use of highly intelligent, effective, safe and relevant active ingredients are a must. CLR develops active cosmetic ingredients with exactly this in mind. Our products are proven to work, they are safe, and natural.

Added to the above, social responsibility is of great value to CLR. We are certified according to SA 8000 ensuring that we comply to the latest standards when it comes to this topic. Our ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications guarantee that our products and internal processes are both of the highest quality. Our cGMP certification ensures that our production processes meet the highest demands concerning, for instance, hygiene.

Quality, reliability, relevance and honesty stand at the top of CLR’s priority list. These are key elements in our ability to make the best active ingredients for the best cosmetic formulations.

Derma IQ formulation series.

Our latest concept is called Derma IQ. It is all about making cosmetic formulations as intelligent as they can be for a holistic and effective well-being experience. We developed a series of extremely smart cosmetic formulations combining highly effective active ingredients with innovative textures and appealing fragrances for goal-oriented products that are proven to work and, at the same time, engage all the senses. The carefully selected active ingredients are based on state of the art technology and backed by scientific studies. They are highly effective solutions for a 360° approach to healthy skin. At the same time the Derma IQ formulations with their inspiring textures and concepts are in line with the latest beauty trends. Let yourself be inspired and discover “Beauty with a brain”.

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