Male Grooming

The men’s personal care market has been growing steadily for years, mainly driven by men’s interest in personal hygiene essentials such as shampoos and deodorants. Men like to keep their skin care regime limited but effective. According to Mintel 51% of Chinese men aged 20-49 prefer multi-functional personal care products. But as more men embrace wellness and fitness to combat life’s stresses they are increasingly looking for ethical, eco-friendly and sustainable products with a focus on physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. In a survey by Mintel 48% of male British internet users who spend longer on their routines in the last 12 months, stated they did so because they enjoyed it.

But what products do men need?

Male skin: the differences

  • Less fat cells, higher collagen content, but later:
    deeper wrinkles
  • Micro injuries and irritations because of daily shaving
  • Higher perspiration and sebum production
  • Higher skin cancer risk than women

The 5 main concerns of men

  • Impure skin
  • Inflammation
  • Dry skin
  • Hair loss
  • Greasy hair


Face Care

Men are interested in daily skin care to improve their appearance and well-being. Most men prefer skin care products which are easy-to-use and multi-functional. In the US 40% of male customers aged 18-24 are insecure about acne. Products specially developed for dry and oily skin show a rising demand. A smart combination of CutiBiome CLR and MultiMoist CLR™ perfectly matches both needs. While MultiMoist CLR™ deeply hydrates skin, CutiBiome CLR effectively reduces sebum and rebalances skin and its microbiota.

Moisture and Balance Facial Serum

Multifunction Cream-Gel


Pre- and After Shave Care

Shaving regularly can lead to irritated, inflamed skin and in-grown hairs. Products formulated for pre- and after shave need to be gentle to skin and contain active ingredients that calm and soothe as well as balance and strengthen the skin. A natural soothing active such as PhytoDefense CLR™ is the perfect choice.

(Pre) Shave Oil


Beard Care

The beard trend emerged some years ago and is still going strong. A well groomed beard is virtually a status symbol. In the US 39% of men keep their beard look well groomed. Products must provide care for beard as well as skin. Multifunctional active ingredients such as MultiMoist CLR™ that deeply hydrates skin and effectively conditions the beard are a perfect match.

Beard Jelly Care


Hair Care

Hair loss is a common concern for men. A regular treatment of the often sensitive scalp can avoid irritations and dandruff. Cleansing but mild shampoos which effectively rinse out styling products are also a rising demand. CutiBiome CLR™

was proven to reduce sebum and fight itching of the scalp even better as a benchmark product. Follicusan™ DP effectively prevents accelerated hair loss.

Pure Balance Overnight Scalp Oil 

Anti Aging Hair Tonic


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