What is beautiful and who actually determines it? Over the centuries, the ideals of beauty have changed a lot over and over again and even at the same time there are great cultural differences in the definition of beauty. Although beauty is something extremely changeable, we are often given a very narrow ideal of beauty by the media and especially the cosmetics and fashion industry. According to Mintel 72% of consumers in the US say society´s idea of beauty is too rigidly defined. While some brands like Dove have been questioning these ideals for years, it’s only recently that we’ve seen a greater diversity of models on a broader scale.

We live in a time when we are influenced not only by advertising, but above all by social media. In addition to what we see there, in recent years we have also been increasingly confronted with our mirror image – whether in photos or in video conferences. What does that do to us? The depiction of ideals and reality distorted by filters while at the same time being confronted with one’s own image brings supposed imperfections more into focus and increases self-doubts. According to The Wall Street Journal 32% of teenage girls who dislike their own body say it makes them feel even worse when they check Instagram.

People are usually looking for a sense of belonging. Advertising that shows a wider variety of people offers more opportunities to identify yourself. According to Mintel 48% of consumers aged 18-24 in the US agree with the statement “it makes me happy to see different types of beauty in advertisements”. Especially among younger consumers, identification with brands is an important point in their purchase decision.

Generation Z is the generation that has grown up in a digitalized world and is completely focused on image-based platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. Their digital personas are of extreme importance to them. In finding the perfect appearance, they break with traditional beauty ideals and define beauty in their own way, celebrating uniqueness and imperfections. At the same time Gen Z members want brands to be reliable, responsible and transparent and their products to be clean and effective while easy to use and providing a playful experience.

Their attitude gives hope for a deeper change and a much more inclusive approach to beauty in the future. Trends such as self-care, inclusivity and personalization are further steps into the right direction. But how can we as cosmetic ingredients supplier support this movement of more body positivity?

At CLR, we have the consumer in mind right from the start of the development of our active ingredients. We analyze which skin problems consumers have and develop solutions. Our aim is not to serve short-lived trends, but to improve people’s well-being and quality of life. With all our expertise, we create active ingredients that are highly effective, sustainable, safe and relevant to the consumer. Our focus ranges from prevention to the treatment of already acute problems, always with a focus on the health of the skin. With this approach, we help people all over the world to feel comfortable in their skin and give them the basis for finding themselves beautiful – however they define beauty for themselves. We can’t take the step of accepting yourself from anyone, but we would like to motivate you not to be an ideal but to be just you!


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Discover our everyday ritual to feel just beautiful:

Biome Friendly Cleansing Stick

The Biome Friendly Cleansing Stick will be your superhero and deeply purify your skin while being friendly to your microbiome. The solid and waterless stick format is a sustainable solution and a convenient option for on-the-go because it is easy to use. While swiping the stick across the damp skin the cleansing process is activated. Only little water is needed to rinse off afterwards. The stick is sulfate-free.

CutiBiome CLR™ noticeably reduces sebum, papules, pustules and comedones, providing a pure complexion. ProRenew Complex CLR™ safeguards the skin’s ecosystem and improves overall skin quality and health. MultiMoist CLR™ provides the skin with a healthy level of hydration and smoothness. Vitamin F forte works as a skin conditioner and supplies the skin with essential ingredients for it to re-create its barrier function.

All-In-One Serum

The All-In-One Serum is the perfect product in your routine to optimally care for your skin in one simple step. It hydrates, balances and targets the first signs of skin aging for beautiful skin with a pure and even complexion.

Formulated with MultiMoist CLR™ it will leave the skin with a well hydrated and smooth feeling. CutiBiome CLR™ noticeably reduces sebum, papules, pustules and comedones, providing a pure complexion. CutiGuard CLR™ protects the skin cells from the main three influences on skin aging: external stress, internal stress and time. It reduces wrinkles and improves skin color evenness.


Color Change Day Care

This Color Change Day Care is adapting to your personal skin tone and will leave the skin with a natural glow. Reddish skin will be diminished.

AnnonaSense CLR™ provides skin with an innovative adaptogenic approach. Adaptogens stabilize physiological processes and pro­mote homeostasis – a perfect balance. MultiMoist CLR™ provides skin with immediate and long-lasting moisturizing effects for all day hydration and extra care. ProRenew Complex CLR™, based on probiotic technology, makes sure that the natural health of our skin and skin cells is safeguarded.



Derma IQ Wake Up CC Eye Gel

This light aqueous eye gel is based on a smart color correcting technology. The light-weight coverage reduces the appearance of dark circles, redness and dullness instantly. The cooling effect of this formulation makes the skin feel fresh and relaxed for a perfect start into a busy day.

JuvenEye CLR™ works deep inside the skin and addresses the most important dermatological processes in the formation and persistence of dark circles. The smart combination of this highly effective active ingredient with a cooling and a color correcting effect makes this formulation a perfect fusion of goal-oriented skincare and appealing color cosmetics, providing an instant as well as a long-lasting substantiated effect.


Escape the City SOS Shot

The skin is exposed to many external stress factors throughout the day. Signs of fatigue and stress become visible in the form of redness or pale skin. The Escape the City SOS Shot instantly cares for stressed skin.

AnnonaSense CLR™ sustainably stabilizes a homeostasis in the skin. Irritated skin is effectively soothed and balanced. The appearance of the skin is improved and the perception of well-being is increased. MultiMoist CLR™ is a natural and smart moisturizer that provides the skin with quick and long-lasting moisture and creates a sustainable osmotic balance.



Good Night Kiss Lotion

Skin performs different jobs during day and night. Whereas during day time the skin is more aligned to protect itself from the outside, it is in regeneration mode during night time. To effectively support the regeneration process, it is important to choose the right active ingredients.

The Good Night Kiss Lotion optimally cares for the skin throughout the night. MultiMoist CLR™ deeply moisturizes the skin and creates a sustainable osmotic balance. AnnonaSense CLR™ reduces skin irritation and establishes a healthy homeostasis. ProRenew Complex CLR™ effectively protects and balances the skin microbiota and has been proven to support the skin in restoring its healthy barrier function more quickly. The skin is perfectly prepared for another busy day.


HappyScalp Toner

Healthy hair starts with healthy scalp. The condition of our scalp is affected by stress, hormonal imbalances, diet and external aggressors such as pollution or hairstyling. These factors can influence the scalp microbiome and lead to an imbalance resulting in scalp irritation, discomfort and dandruff.

The multifunctional HappyScalp Toner with a slight cooling effect leaves your scalp deeply purified, soothed and refreshed. While MultiMoist CLR™ provides instant hydration, CutiBiome CLR™ and ProRenew Complex CLR™ work synergistically together in improving scalp health and balancing the scalp microbiome.


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