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Modern consumers are well informed and demanding. Concerns about health of body & mind as well as concerns about the future of our planet play an important role in nowadays lifestyles and purchasing decisions. When buying a cosmetic product, consumers want to do something good for their body, their mind and for nature.


When it comes to health, modern consumers are well aware of the correlation between skin health and skin appearance. More recently, the importance of the skin microbiota for skin health has come into focus. The skin and its microbiota live in symbiosis with each other – healthy skin has a healthy skin microbiota whereas there is an imbalance between skin and its microbiota in unhealthy skin conditions.



Mental health is nowadays considered to be as important as physical health. 81% of Gen -Z’ers in UK agree to that statement. Mental health can be negatively affected by a variety of factors, including skin irritation, acne, dandruff, etc. Cosmetic products can work here in two ways. On the one hand, by targeting and improving the cause of unhealthy skin conditions. On the other hand, the use of cosmetic products through comforting texture and fragrance already offers a pampering experience that can increase well-being.



Apart from one’s own state of mind – both physically and mentally – the influence on the environment also plays an increasing role in the purchasing decision. Buying sustainable products gives the consumer the feeling that they have done something good for the environment, including for themselves. Natural ingredients are often considered better and healthier for the skin. Nevertheless, the demands on the effectiveness of sustainable cosmetic products are also high. Ideally, the effectiveness should be proven by scientific studies. Confidence in science is high. In Indonesia alone, 87% of consumers said they trust cosmetic products developed by scientists. A combination of natural active ingredients with state-of-the-art science is the way to consumer satisfaction.


CLR’s Simply Science

CLR has a holistic approach to responsible research. We care for the body with goal-oriented and effective active ingredients with the aim to be relevant for the consumer.

We care for the mind by targeting unhealthy skin conditions and their impact on quality of life to provide relief and a sustainable feeling of well-being.

We care for nature as we use the most modern methods and technology available – for products which are potent, relevant, natural and as safe as possible.

To illustrate our responsible research for body, mind & nature, we developed the “Total Balance” formulation series. Discover all formulations and the key ingredients in our Formulation Lab.

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