AnnonaSense CLR™ – a safe and sustainable alternative to CBD

AnnonaSense CLR™ – a safe and sustainable alternative to CBD

CBD is currently enjoying lots of attention in the cosmetic industry as it is said to interact with our ECS (endocannbinoid system).

But is it worth the hype? CBD is just a molecule, while the ECS is a powerful biological system which safeguards our bodily homeostasis and health. So, should our focus not be more on our ECS than on CBD?
There is still a lack of relevant and valid efficacy studies for its application for the cosmetic industry. Another potential concern, as was expressed by the American FDA, for instance, is the lack of safety data for CBD.

Our award-winning AnnonaSense CLR™, which is clearly distinct from Cannabis sativa and cannabidiol, shows potent agonistic effect on the CB2 receptor and provides the skin with means to establish a sustainable homeostatic balance. As described in this Cossma article, it expands the body’s natural capacity to relieve stress, rebalances the skin and improves general well-being.

Unlike CBD it is not subject to any regulatory restrictions. And even better: our COSMOS certified AnnonaSense CLR™ is a sustainable ingredient, upcycled from food waste. It is obtained from Annona Cherimola, an edible fruit.

AnnonaSense CLR™ is more than just an alternative to CBD – it provides a holistic and sustainable approach to improve skin health and overall well-being.

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